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Roots and wings 

With this project, we aim to exchange traditions specific to specific countries, which convey the image of a strong woman and can help modern women to improve.


About the project

This project is dedicated to empowering women by exploring cultural heritage and developing inner strength. Our project is a joint journey that unites partners from Germany, Spain and Lithuania, aiming to foster the inclusion of modern women and increase resilience. By delving into rich traditions - from the legacy of white singing to expressive flamenco dancing - we aim to remind women of their "roots" and thereby establish their cultural identity and help them "spread their wings" and use their full potential. Through engaging activities, organizing international partner meetings, and creating empowering materials, we aim to equip adult educators, counselors, and women themselves with the tools to overcome challenges, embrace their uniqueness, and weave a harmonious, culturally identity-based tapestry of strength across borders.

Project coordinator: Systeme in Bewegung - Germany

Project partners: Association Socialinis hubas - Lithuania

AIFED - Spain

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EN Card 1  Roots and Wings Lithuania
EN Card 1 Roots and Wings German Every deep breath printing version
EN Card 2 Roots and Wings Lithuania
EN Card 3 Roots and Wings Lithuania
EN Card 2 German Roots and Wings Keep your head up print version
LT Card 1  Roots and Wings Lithuania.png

Unveiling Baltic singing traditions: embrace your culture

Discover the rich Baltic singing traditions, woven into the fabric of identity. Join us on a journey of self-discovery, strength, and cultural pride. 

Imagine a butterfly landing gracefully on a wild flower, its wings unfurling in sunlight. Like this sight, Baltic songs invite you to explore your inner strength and embrace your heritage's beauty. 

For ages, Baltic songs carried generational stories and unity. Hold this postcard, find your strength, and let Baltic melodies kindle empowerment within you. This postcard honors Baltic singing, where each note and song symbolize unity, diversity, and empowerment through heritage. 

You're part of a legacy spanning generations and continents. Embrace the butterfly's journey, unfurl your wings, and illuminate your cultural identity. 

Let this postcard ignite empowerment and cultural pride. Share, spread your wings, and let your voice join the chorus of empowerment. 

Stay empowered, connected, and inspired as we reveal more postcards, capturing our mission to empower and embrace diverse cultures.


Flamenco's roar: unleashing the symphony of the soul

In the mesmerizing whirl of flamenco's dance, a symphony of self-expression unfolds. Two women, adorned in resplendent red, move in harmony with the rhythmic beats, embodying a powerful sentiment – "Flamenco screams what my soul shuts up." This postcard encapsulates the essence of our project – to find strength and empowerment through cultural heritage, beyond the constraints of conventional beauty ideals.

In the world of social media and omnipresent beauty standards, women often find themselves navigating a landscape that demands conformity. The pressure to conform to the ubiquitous ideal of beauty can be suffocating, particularly for mothers who strive to be "insta-perfect" in every facet of their lives. However, the legacy of strong women is interwoven with traditions that transcend these superficial ideals, presenting an image of empowerment that defies age or body type.

This project embarks on a journey to unearth these empowering traditions and ignite self-confidence beyond the confines of modern beauty norms. Our postcards, designed as powerful reminders, bear witness to the flames of individuality and self-expression, much like the fiery dance of flamenco itself. Through e-postcards and adult education courses, the results of this exploration will be disseminated, nurturing an awareness of European solidarity that fortifies women for the contemporary challenges they face.

At the heart of this endeavor is the goal to raise awareness among course instructors and professionalize educational staff in their approach to modern beauty ideals. The essence of unity and shared values becomes palpable as mothers from diverse European countries discover common threads in their struggles and triumphs. The cultural heritage of strong women from various backgrounds becomes a beacon of empowerment, cultivating a spirit of unity that transcends borders.

In the postcard before you, the vivacious dance of flamenco takes center stage. The bold red hues symbolize passion, while the powerful quote serves as a declaration of the soul's yearning for expression. This image is a testament to the enduring strength that cultural traditions provide – a strength that empowers women to voice what their souls often hold back.

Just as the two women in red dance with unbridled passion, we invite you to embrace the empowering essence of this postcard. Share its sentiment, share its spirit, and allow it to be a reminder that your voice, your uniqueness, and your self-expression are potent forces that can break through the barriers of silence. Let this postcard resonate as an anthem of empowerment, reminding you that like flamenco's roar, your soul too can break free and create a symphony of strength and self-discovery.

Dance to your own rhythm, let your soul sing, and may the echoes of your empowerment inspire the world.

LT Card 2 Roots and Wings Lithuania.png

Like this young woman, you too are invited to dance to the rhythm of your heritage.

Step into a sun-kissed meadow, where the golden waves of wheat sway in harmony with the wind's gentle whisper. In this idyllic scene, a young woman stands adorned with a wildflower wreath, embodying the very spirit of Baltic singing traditions. Her presence reflects the resilience of generations past, as she nurtures the timeless melodies that echo through her roots.

As you hold this postcard in your hands, imagine yourself in her place – a guardian of heritage, a keeper of cultural rhythms, and a bearer of a unique voice waiting to bloom. The quote delicately etched on the card invites you to take a step towards your cultural identity, inviting you to embrace your heritage with open arms.

Baltic singing traditions are more than notes and lyrics; they are threads that weave through the tapestry of generations, carrying stories, emotions, and a sense of belonging. Just as the young woman stands amidst the wheat, you too are invited to dance to the rhythm of your heritage. Let the songs of your ancestors resonate within you, guiding your steps as you create a melody uniquely yours.

Your voice, much like a wildflower, carries a distinct beauty and strength. With every word, every note, you have the power to inspire, to uplift, and to touch hearts. As you explore the Baltic singing traditions, remember that you are a vessel of cultural richness, a conduit between the past and the present.

This postcard serves as a reminder – a reminder to stand tall in your identity, to dance to the beat of your heritage, and to let your voice bloom with a vibrancy that captivates the world. Just as wildflowers paint the meadows with color, your unique melody has the potential to create a masterpiece of unity and empowerment.

Share this postcard, share its message, and let your voice be the wildflower that spreads joy and inspiration. As we continue to explore the depth of Baltic singing traditions, may we all find the courage to let our voices bloom, cultivating a symphony of strength and cultural pride that transcends borders and resonates through time.

Unveil your voice, embrace your heritage, and let your melody bloom.


Igniting passion: nurturing strength in the dance of life

This empowering card captures the essence of youthful enthusiasm and is a powerful reminder that passion knows no bounds. The painting depicts a young girl wearing a bright red flamenco dress and holding a fan high above her head. The attached quote reflects the sentiment that reflects the spirit of our project: "Whatever you do, do it with passion."


This card embodies the idea that the lessons we learn in childhood stay with us for life. Just as children observe the world around them with eyes full of wonder, so we can draw from the same source of enthusiasm and tackle life's challenges with unceasing zeal.


The postcard reflects our shared mission - to help women realize the importance of their roots, the strength of their heritage and the potential that lies within. The energetic girl in the flamenco dress becomes a symbol of the passion that drives us to overcome obstacles, exceed expectations and embrace our individuality.


The image of the flamenco dress, reminiscent of the expressive world of dance, reminds us that each of us has a unique journey. It's a visual reminder that beauty and strength lie in authenticity and passion. Just as this girl radiates her spirit as she holds her fan high, we too can let our passion lift us higher, striving for perfection in every step.


In this card, the vivid images and energetic call to action of the quote remind us to take our actions with passion, to live each moment with purpose and to pursue our goals with fire.


As you hold this card, let it become a catalyst for your passions, a reminder that your unique path is worthy of unwavering devotion. May the spirit of this young girl ignite a flame in each of us, calling us to dance with life, to seize every opportunity with fervor, and to pursue our dreams with the same endless passion that lights her gaze.


Ignite the flame of passion and let your journey become a dance of unwavering devotion.

LT Card 3 Roots and Wings Lithuania.png

The spark of empowerment: uncovering Baltic traditions through dance

Amidst the enchanting embrace of a folk festival in Lithuania, a mesmerizing scene unfolds – a crowd of women, united in their purity, dressed in resplendent white, dance in rhythmic harmony around a flickering fire. This vivid portrayal encapsulates the heart of Baltic singing traditions, where voices intertwine like threads, weaving a tapestry of empowerment that transcends generations.

As you hold this postcard in your hands, you are invited to step into this vibrant circle, to feel the heat of the fire, the energy of the dance, and the unity of voices that bridge the past and the present. The quote etched onto the card serves as a reminder, a call to action – to let your voice resonate, to forge connections, and to compose a symphony of empowerment that reverberates through time.

Baltic singing traditions are a testament to the enduring strength of women who have stood around similar fires, their voices igniting sparks of inspiration and unity. Just as these women dance with purpose, you too possess the power to infuse your voice with meaning, to connect with others, and to create an orchestration of empowerment that knows no boundaries.

In this moment frozen in time, you are part of a legacy, a lineage of strong women who have used their voices to uplift, to tell stories, and to weave a sense of belonging. As you explore the depths of Baltic singing traditions, let your voice be the catalyst, connecting the past with the present, and forging a path toward a future where empowerment resonates eternally.

This postcard stands as a tribute – a tribute to the circle of women dancing, to the fire that illuminates their spirits, and to the voices that create a symphony of empowerment. Share this postcard, share its sentiment, and let your voice be the thread that binds us, the fire that guides us, and the melody that inspires us.

As we journey deeper into Baltic singing traditions, let us remember that empowerment is a timeless dance, a chorus of voices that spans eras and unites hearts.

Unite your voice, connect your spirit, and let your symphony of empowerment echo through the ages.

LT Card 1 Roots and Wings German Every deep breath printing version.png

Embrace your strength: every breath is a love message to your body

Imagine standing on a rugged shoreline, the wind rustling through your hair and the waves crashing at your feet. In this powerful depiction, a woman stands with arms outstretched, embracing the vastness before her. The quote etched onto the postcard serves as a poignant reminder – "Every deep breath you take is a love message to your body."

This postcard embodies a key facet of our mission – to empower women to embrace their inner strength and unfold their full potential. With each inhale, each exhale, you engage in an act of self-love, a quiet affirmation that resonates within. Just as the woman on the postcard raises her arms to the sky, you too can lift yourself higher, connecting with the profound wisdom of your body.

The principle of systemic-body-oriented work comes to life in this image. It encapsulates the essence of methodical implementation, a means to harness the transformative power of cultural traditions and distill it into a condensed and potent form. Just as each deep breath nurtures your body, these principles nurture your journey towards empowerment.

Your body is not just a vessel; it's an intricate part of your narrative. The sea before you mirrors the depth of your potential, the rocky terrain echoing the challenges you conquer. With each breath, you infuse your body with vitality and gratitude, aligning with the systemic imperative – to expand your choices, to embrace your strength.

As this postcard graces your hands, let it remind you that empowerment is not a single moment but a continuous journey. Every breath is a love message, a celebration of the vessel that carries you through life's currents. Share this postcard, share its sentiment, and let your deep breaths become a symphony of self-care and affirmation.

As we explore the principles of systemic-body-oriented work, let us remember that empowerment starts within – in the simple act of acknowledging the strength within your breath, the power within your body. 

Inhale strength, exhale love, and let your breath become the anthem of empowerment.


Unleashing the fire within: Flamenco's empowering embrace

An indisputable truth that transcends generations: you need to reach for both roots and wings. Just as children ascend with newfound freedom after inheriting their ancestry, adults can use the strength of their ancestry to ignite their full potential. The prevailing pressure on women to embody society's ideals of beauty, amplified by the media, can be overwhelming. Among them lies the essence of empowerment: traditions fostered by strong women that challenge conventional norms and celebrate their resilience.


Imagine this spirit-reflecting scene - the postcard depicts a woman dressed in a bright red flamenco dress and moving gracefully to an inner rhythm. With a well-groomed smile, she radiates a vitality that is enchanting in the essence of her dance. The quote on the card reads: "Flamenco is a pinch of passion and fire."


In every step she takes, in every fold of her dress, we see the embodiment of a fierce spirit that refuses to be restrained by society's standards. This woman in a flamenco dress embodies the very essence of this project - embracing one's cultural identity, heritage and inner fire. Flamenco's rich history and mesmerizing movements become a canvas on which women can paint pictures of their strength, passion and authenticity.


This card is more than just a picture; it's a testament to embracing your roots and finding the courage to dance to your heart's beat. The quote reflects the fiery heart that drives every movement - a pinch of passion and fire that symbolizes the innate power that lies within every woman.


By sharing this card, we want to stoke the fire of unity, diversity and empowerment. With an enchanting image and a resounding message, we invite you to recognize the fire in yourself - the same fire that enables women to dance to their inner tune, defy society's norms and nurture their aspirations.


Every dance movement is an ode to individuality, authenticity and courage. We invite you to stand tall, embrace your heritage and unleash the passion that defines your unique journey. Let the dance of your life resonate with the beating of your heart, as this woman in a red flamenco dress dances with unbridled passion.


Let your inner fire light up the world - and let your story never stop dancing.

EN Card 2 German Roots and Wings Keep your head up print version.png

Resilience in motion: Flamenco's graceful lesson of self-care

In the enchanting stillness of a flamenco dancer's pose, we find a profound message – a woman stands frozen in grace, one hand lifted towards the sky. The essence of empowerment permeates this image, and the words etched onto the postcard echo with gentle guidance: "Keep your head up, keep your heart strong, take a deep breath, take a break, take care of yourself."

The spirit of this postcard is a call to nurture resilience and self-care, principles that resonate deeply within the heart of our project. Just as the dancer's stance exudes strength and elegance, you too possess the power to hold your head high amidst challenges, to cultivate an unwavering heart, and to embrace the rejuvenating rhythm of self-compassion.

Embedded within this image is the embodiment of systemic-body-oriented principles – a methodical approach that empowers you to embrace life's demands while preserving your well-being. Just as the dancer's hand gracefully reaches for the sky, you can reach for the stars of your aspirations, while remembering to tend to the precious garden of your own self-care.

Allow this postcard to serve as a reminder that self-care is not just a fleeting act; it's a consistent practice, a dance of resilience and rejuvenation. The quote serves as your compass – guiding you to keep your head held high, your heart fortified, and your breath deep and revitalizing. Amidst the rhythms of life, take those essential pauses, those moments to recharge, and let self-care be your anchor.

As this postcard graces your sight, let it resonate as a tribute to your strength, your grace, and your ability to shine through life's challenges. Share this postcard, share its sentiment, and let it become a token of empowerment that you can carry with you through every step of your journey.

Within the elegance of flamenco's pose, let us find inspiration to stand tall, to nurture our hearts, and to embrace the art of self-care. Join us in weaving these principles into your life's dance, where each step you take embodies resilience, and every pause you make is a gentle affirmation of your worth.

Keep your head high, let your heart soar, and dance to the symphony of self-care.

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