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Roots and Wings: Exploring Country-Specific Traditions That Empower Women

We are excited to announce the first meeting of the "Roots and Wings" project. The project aims to explore country-specific traditions that convey an image of strong women and can be supportive for modern women in their personal development. We believe that cultural practices and traditions can provide a sense of belonging, identity, and support for individuals and communities.

Our meeting took take place in Granada, Spain, where we visited a special flamenco show and the flamenco museum. Flamenco is a dance form that originated in Andalusia, Spain, and is known for its expressive and passionate movements. It is traditionally performed by women, and many of the songs and dances tell stories of women's struggles and triumphs. Flamenco can be empowering for women, as it allows them to express their emotions and connect with their bodies in a way that is both powerful and graceful.

What are the German traditions?

In addition to exploring Flamenco, we have also learned about the German festival of Grasedanz, which is a living tradition in two villages in the Harz region. The festival was initiated more than 100 years ago by local women to demonstrate appreciation for their work.

The festival is a great example of how cultural traditions can provide a sense of belonging, identity, and support for individuals and communities. It highlights the importance of recognizing and celebrating women's contributions and achievements, which can be empowering for modern women in their personal development.

By learning about this tradition, we have gained insights into how women in this region have historically demonstrated their strength and resilience, and how their contributions have been recognized and celebrated. This knowledge can be applied to counseling and courses for modern women to help them recognize and build upon their own strengths and sources of strength.

What else we will learn about?

Baltic singing traditions, particularly in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, have a strong focus on women's voices and stories. These singing traditions are often performed by women's choirs, and the songs often tell stories of women's experiences and struggles. Baltic singing traditions can be empowering for women, providing a sense of community and belonging and allowing women to connect with their heritage and cultural identity.

The team will learn about this while visiting Šiauliai in July where we will attend a traditional folk festival.

What does Systemic, Body-Oriented Counseling and Country-Specific Traditions have in common to Empower Women?

When using these traditions in conjunction with methods from body-oriented systemic counseling, it's essential to focus on individuals' strengths and sources of strength. By recognizing and building upon individuals' existing resources, such as their cultural background and traditions, counselors can support women in realizing their full potential.

Body-oriented systemic counseling approaches focus on the interconnectedness of the mind and body and recognize that individuals' experiences are shaped by their physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts. In working with women to realize their full potential, it's important to consider the physical, emotional, and social aspects of their experiences.

What are we planning to achieve?

The exchange, further sensitization, and professionalization of the partner organizations are the most important objectives of the exchange. In addition, the partners want to use these traditions and counseling methods in their courses and consultations to help women develop their full potential. In this way, the project aims to strengthen and support as many women as possible.

Roots and Wings is an exciting project that explores country-specific traditions that empower women. By recognizing and celebrating these traditions, and by using counseling methods that focus on individuals' strengths and sources of strength, the project aims to help women develop their full potential. Ultimately, the project aims to empower women and support them in realizing their dreams and aspirations.

We are very excited to begin our journey of exploring country-specific traditions that empower women and can be supportive for modern women in their personal development and look forward to sharing our insights and experiences with our partners from Germany and Spain, as well as with the wider community. Stay tuned for updates and insights from our project!

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