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Move and Act youth training in Athens!

Update from the LTTA in Athens!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a quick update on the "Design Your Dream European Identity" session happening at the LTTA in Athens right now.

Our enthusiastic participants are currently engaged in the icebreaker activity, creating their alternative European passports.

With art supplies in hand and blank passports or passport templates, they are letting their imagination soar to reflect their unique identities and values.

From beautiful drawings of their favorite European destinations to heartfelt expressions of personal values, goals, and aspirations, everyone is getting creative and thinking outside the box!

The activity aims to foster connections and allow participants to learn more about each other's perspectives on European identity.

Once the passports are complete, they'll have the opportunity to share their designs and discuss the meaning behind their choices, sparking engaging conversations and a deeper sense of community.

We're thrilled to witness such a vibrant and diverse display of self-expression and look forward to the incredible conversations that will unfold.

Stay tuned for more updates from the LTTA in Athens!

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