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Erasmus innovations unveiled in Turin!

Here's some news from the Let Her In Project Club event in Turin!

Olena Bilozerova, President of the network, presented the latest changes to the Erasmus programme, marking a significant step towards a more inclusive, innovative and sustainable future for European education.

Here's what's new:

🤝 More inclusion. The programme aims to ensure that everyone gets a chance! The programme now opens its doors even wider to people from different social backgrounds, focusing on those with fewer opportunities.

💻 Digital transformation. Now is the digital age! The programme integrates more digital learning and collaboration opportunities, making education more accessible and in line with current trends.

🌱 Environmental sustainability. A green environment is essential! The programme is aligned with the EU's green initiatives, promoting sustainable practices among programme participants and project organisations.

📚 Enhanced learning opportunities to broaden horizons! Expect more diverse learning experiences, new project types and enriching partnerships.

📝 Simplified administrative processes. Participation in the programme has now become easier! Simplified procedures mean a more comfortable experience for both participants and organisations.

These changes reflect the EU's commitment to organise education in a way that responds to current and future challenges. Let's seize these opportunities and continue to learn from each other's best international experiences!

And for our part, we are looking for partners in the Let her in project club from whom we can learn, share knowledge and best practices from abroad to make education in Lithuania more inclusive, greener, digital and accessible to everyone.

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